Being a working mum of three young kids is hard! But I wanted to show my kids that you have to work hard to get where you want in life. Hi, I’m Paola Salustri.

Paola Salustri Essex photographer
Paola Salustri Essex photographer

Let’s photograph babies!

When my first baby was born in 2007 I picked up my camera with new purpose. I took charge of documenting this amazing newborn baby’s life with a conscious knowledge that photos would be the only part of her childhood that I can keep forever. This was too important to mess up, so I trained and trained and trained…

The nicest compliment I usually get is “you’re so talented!”. “Thank you very much”, I will reply, knowing full well that being a newborn photographer is a learned skill rather than a God-given talent. The £2,000 lens on my Sony A7III camera only helps me take a beautiful newborn portrait. The real skill is learning what needs to be done to get to that place, safely and perfectly. This takes a professional.

I have invested wisely in my trade, learning from award-winning photographers so that I can produce a standard of photography that I’m proud of – that’s why I have letters after my name from the Master Photographer’s Association. This tells you that I am trained to a professional standard. Being a single mum of three children tells you that I have seen it all before!