In their first year families want to have their baby photographed many times. It’s perfectly meaningful. After all, now is the moment that children are growing and evolving too much. It might be very easy to forget how nicely their toes or the chubby dimpled knees were with all midnight feeding and sound like you were in a drowsy mood during those early days. Pictures make us remember what we wish never to forget.

As a specialist newborn photographer we typically request that these sessions be scheduled as an infant (7-14 days), for 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and then 1 year.

Since every baby is different and hits milestones in their own time, these photography sessions are focused on your baby specifically. The aim is to capture something unique and new with your infant, not when they hit a specific age. However, lets look at each event, what is interesting and new about the achievement, and how we can plan out when your session needs to be scheduled.

3 months

Everything is about your child’s smile is this session! As a mother, I think that was one of my first favourite moments. The emphasis is on catching the grin and the eyes of your baby. Instead of scheduling this session at 3 months, plan on scheduling the session once your baby always smiles and laughs at you every time you enter the room.

6 months

This workshop explores the current ability to sit up. It is such a significant achievement in the life of an infant! When they can sit down, they’ll be able to see so many new things surrounding them. They might play with toys that they couldn’t hold before. This typically carries with it a wide smile and a proud ‘look at me.’ The six-month milestone session will capture the latest sitting behaviors of your child.

It’s also a moment when parents really tend to see great differences in the appearance of their infant. You can now have enough hair to draw back into a tiny sprout. Teeth are starting to make their first appearance, at bubbly smiles are almost guaranteed, and if you are lucky they will have hopefully discovered the most ponderous of things, their feet. If the 6-month milestone session is approaching then be sure to book in promptly as these will fleeting moments will be gone in the flash of an eye.

9 month session

This is the moment that your little one will tug on chairs, stand while hanging onto your most delicate and expensive objects in the house, crawl or even take those unsure first steps whilst gripping onto your hands for dear life. These are the most contrasting milestones between children. Some kids do all of these at 9 months, whilst others tackle each step one at a time. This is why I still encourage my families to wait for this time to come around to decide if they want their first year strategy for a 9-month milestone shoot. We want to capture what’s fresh in your child’s life like the other sessions. Capturing those first wobbly standing squats, crawling or just of them with their favourite soft toy that they just cannot live without is the aim of this session.

12 month session

smash cake photoshoot essex
smash cake photoshoot essex
smash cake photoshoot in our Essex studio

This is your little one’s birthday! If you want to add a smash cake session, this could also be the first time your little one has tried a tasty treat. As you can see the expressions are absolutely priceless,

It’s time to record how much your baby developed and improved in a year. This session seems to to be the exception to the principle. When your child turns one, you might just want to plan this baby picture shooting session, even without new milestones at the moment. Our aim is to catch your baby as one year old and his/her personality. We would like to chart the changes in the first year of your baby. And you’re going to want to look back as your child looked like an old one year old as the years go by.

Tip: Many families prefer to schedule this session around 11 months old. This way they have the pictures for the first birthday party. 

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