A new life is an incredible time for a family and a new chapter of the journey will begin.

My advice has always been ‘bring your baby in during the first two weeks for the best newborn portraits’. However, 2020’s lockdowns meant lots of babies missed out on their newborn photoshoots. Turns out, it doesn’t matter. 

Whether your baby is 14 days or 14 weeks there is always a perfect photo opportunity. Working with older babies meant a change in the way I worked, not chasing the sleepy posed shots in props but interacting with older babies and capturing the way he wrinkles up his forehead as if deep in thought or encouraging the first smiles. Older babies are perfect for parent shots as they can interact directly with their baby and I can catch this wonderous sight. 

The first few weeks of life for a baby are some of the most stunning improvements that can easily be overlooked in the long nights and among all those who visit your home.

Your newborn baby photoshoot will concentrate on documenting these subtle changes and details, if you plan on bringing your child up to 8-18 days or wait until he is 4-6 weeks of age, so that you remember his soft hair long after he grew up and started out with his own family.

What to do before your newborn shoot

It’s important that newborn photoshoots be reserved before your child’s birth for any comfort. That lets us pen in our diaries and chat about your preferences for the photoshoot before hand. No baby arrives on their actual due day however I will book a convenient date, and come be flexible for when the newborn bundle arrives.

The expectant parent, what to do whilst you wait

With gentle lighting, relaxed music and a cosy couch, this newborn photographer knows that a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere just what the doctor ordered for a delicate, sleep-deprived parent. 

The sessions can include soft mohair and knits, crystals and tiny floral headbands, baby bow tie and crow, wooden bowls and pans, crates and plenty more is customised with all of the finest quality baby accessories I can get my hands on.

You have access to the studio’s kitchen facility for complimentary tea and biscuits during your baby’s newborn photoshoot.